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    permaID Introduces Guessable Email ID
    with Powerful Logo

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  • Letter to Cal Governor

    This new platform is an
    e-mail system that requires members

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  • Email From Cal Governor

    permaID makes business marketing
    more effective than ever

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    Statement from CEO

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what is permaID.com about?

Why is it different from any other email service provider?

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Why E-governance got real and simple?


Official Citizen's permanent Email ID is:

Gov-issued Photo ID#( or DL#)'@permaID.com

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Why E-business got real and simple?

1. Platform Business Email ID is 'your-business-ph#'@permaID.com
2. Business Website ID iswww.permaID.com/your-biz-ph#

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Why e-Hookup got real and simple?

Your contact email ID is your-Auto-lic-pl#'@permaID.com
Got Disappointed with online Dating?

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Why e-Connect got simplest and real?

You can use your old phone number,old email ID,physical address for your New Platform Email ID at permaID.com (Read Platform List 4 Email ID)

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Benefits 4 Business

  1. We offer Simplest Guessable Pronounceable Visible Logo-able Email ID & Web URL under Business Phone#
  2. We offer Smart-Autoresponder which works like Best Virtual Assistant,247
  3. We offer DIY website designing tools,as easy as 1.2.3
  4. We offer Virtual shopping Mall under permaID.com/biz-ph#/video(coming soon)
  5. We offer Email Marketing as easy as 1.2.3
  6. More Plug-ins for business to connect with online stores
  7. Webinars 4 Business (coming soon)
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Benefits 4 Government

  1. We offer 'permanent Email ID' for all citizens,globally, in a platform
  2. California Governor can send Email Campaigns out as easy as 1.2.3 (please Add pics/graphics from cal government's i sent you)
  3. Los Angeles County Infoline center wishes to collect your email,too
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Why our Logo is Best Invention of 21st Century?

It converts Offline ID to Online ID(Email ID/Web ID),and it hints out Other's Email ID

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Letter 2 President Obama:

Why USA government must adopt our Official Citizen's permanent Email Contact ID?

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Letter 2 state's Chamber of Commerce

Why All Businesses Must Join Us!

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